Terrorism Sucks?

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009
Here's another idiot article by Jim Cramer. Finally someone has brought attention to the fraud that is Jim Cramer. Kudos to Jon Stewart.

Here's Cramer's article in New York Magazine from April 30, 2007

Bank on I-Banks

Don’t hate investment bankers for raking in millions. Invest in their absurdly profitable (yet still undervalued) outfits and share the weal

Illustration by Marc Boutavant

Stop envying Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Blankfein already. Don’t begrudge Bear Stearns’ Jimmy Cayne and Lehman’s Dick Fuld their millions. Let Merrill’s Stan O’Neal and Morgan Stanley’s John Mack get paid more than Croesus. You heard it here first: They deserve it. In fact, they deserve morethan they earn now.

Those five men are underpaid because they are about to make you very rich if you buy their stocks. Personally, I’m partial to Goldman Sachs, the most undervalued stock of the quintet. But the truth is, you can own shares in any one of these companies and I would expect you to make 50 percent on your money within the next year, and double it within the next three. Despite their immense profitability, the stocks of these companies are some of the least expensive of all the thousands I follow, and, after crushing declines since the year began, they’re ready to begin a steep ascent.