Terrorism Sucks?

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Sunday, December 18, 2005
On Sunday, December 11, 2005 the Times had front page Sports stories on USC’s Reggie Bush’s Heisman and UCLA’s Justin Medlock’s DUI arrest. On December 15, 2005 the Times had a front page story on the tragic deaths of former USC players Darrell Russell and Mike Bastianelli due to reckless driving. On Saturday December 17, 2005 the Times published a letter from Mark Larson, a member of the "Board of Trustees" for the USC Athletic Department.
Let's see, USC's Reggie Bush wins the Heisman Trophy. UCLA's Justin Medlock is arrested on suspicion of DUI. Hmm, wonder where I'd like to send my kid to play football.
Newport Beach

Here was my response to Mr. Larson.

Dear Mr. Larson:

Remind me again where Darrell Russell and Mike
Bastianelli went to school? That's right, usc. Do you even read the news?
Russell and Bastianelli are both dead, killed because of their reckless
behavior and driving. Tell me, did they learn this at usc? Did Mr. Russell
learn how to use GHB on women at 'sc? Did he learn his movie techniques
there as well?

How many laughs did you, a grown man in appearance, have in sending your letter to the Times, while two former usc players jeopardized citizens and paid for it with their own lives? I guess you also forgot about Rey "I own the police" Maualuga, Eric "I'm shocked they found those Ecstasy pills in my apartment" Wright, Winston "I love prostitutes" Justice, Steve "I broke my teammate's jaw" Smith, and many, many more. Yes, drunk driving is not something to laugh about, but your juvenile comments are what's really laughable here. Tell me, do they teach hypocrisy, arrogance, and juvenile behavior at usc? Or at Grubb and Ellis?

Seems to me that Russell, Bastianelli, and you all suffer from the same problems. At least Justin Medlock is a young kid, and will hopefully learn from his mistake. I hope your disgust is just as loud for usc players, but as I described above, your usc education doesn't seem to have prepared you from doing such a thing. I would think Grubb and Ellis would expect more from its employees, but I guess not.

Tragically, it appears that college students will be used as fodder by immature old men who are too arrogant and maybe too stupid to understand and wanting to ignore their own and their school's own problems. However, it's typical for people to encounter this type of arrogance from usc alumni.