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Thursday, June 05, 2003
Neuheisel a Goner?

University of Washington officials met Thursday to discuss the future of football coach Rick Neuheisel, a day after he acknowledged breaking NCAA rules by betting on men's basketball tournaments the past two years.

The NCAA is investigating his participation in the high-stakes gambling pool, and his career may be in jeopardy, the The Seattle Times reported today.

Neuheisel, 42, admitted he took part in the NCAA Tournament pool the past two years and met with investigators from the NCAA and Pac-10 Wednesday in Seattle.

The investigators had been tipped off that Neuheisel put up $5,000 and won $20,000 after picking Maryland in an auction-format pool on the 2002 men's basketball tournament, according to the Times

My Take on Rick Neuheisel....

My Bro-in-law is an associate AD at San Diego State University. (Yes, the one that just fired its AD for mismanagment and abuse of the equipment office). He has retained his job because he plays by and knows the rules. He won't even touch any of my $5 pools for the NCAA tournament let alone any other friendly wagers.

He knows the risks are too great for a few measly dollars. Plus, he knows that if he were to engage in such behavior and someone wanted to get rid of him for a technicality they would have ammunition to do so.

The fact that Rick bet $5,000 in this pool goes beyond trying to stay squeaky clean and avoid someone getting even with you on a "technicality." Rick should and definitely does know that this type of gambling is against NCAA rules, not to mention he should know that betting $5,000 is against the law. Did he claim the winnings on his taxes?

Plus, Rick seems to have progressed up the gambling disease tree. He can't just bet $5 he needs to bet $5,000 in order to get excited by the gambling aspect. No matter how much you're worth $5,000 is a lot of money to gamble for any neophyte. He's definitely no neophyte gambler, and if he's betting $5,000 in a NCAA basketball pool, what else is he betting on?

Gambling as a football coach is more than unethical and a sin, it threatens the entire game and should not be treated lightly.

I'm a gambler and have seen people with tons of $$$ get themselves in a world of hurt financially. Rick is in a position where if he were to get into a "world of hurt" he could make all of his problems go away with just one game.

Rick makes a top salary for a reason. One of those is the restrictions your job as a public figure places on your personal life. If Rick wants to gamble in his personal life he needs to find a new profession.