Terrorism Sucks?

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Saturday, November 09, 2002
More from Robert Fisk in the Independent, November 8, 2002

Now, I have a question. If you or I was that girl's husband or lover or brother or father, would we not be prepared to take hostages in a Moscow theatre? Even if this meant – as it did – that, asphyxiated by Russian gas, we would be executed with a bullet in the head, as the Chechen women hostage-takers were? But no matter. The "war on terror" means that Kolya and the boys will be back in action soon, courtesy of Messrs Putin, Bush and Blair

Thursday, November 07, 2002
Kevin Ryan, U.S. attorney for Northern California asks, "Was the energy crisis spurred in part by criminal activity? The answer is a resounding yes." San Diego Untion-Tribune, Wednesday October 23, 2002. Do we need any more evidence that entertainment talk show hosts should not be relied on for FACTS? (errr, like the not credible Mr. KABC. Is it any wonder he uses a psuedonym?)

PG&E is in bankruptcy and Southern California Edison (SCE) is still fighting for financial solvency, all because of crooks and criminals in suits. It will be an injustice if these two utilities go down in a ball of flames due to the Enrons and Consumer Activists jumping on anything to push the California utilities over the edge. How is it these Consumer Activists (who put money in their own pockets first) can claim any moral authority when they take advantage of what these crooks started? Win at all costs is the motto of those without ethics not to mention ratings at any cost.