Terrorism Sucks?

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Sunday, July 28, 2002
Hopefully, people have learned not to get their facts from opinionated radio hosts. However, demagogues are dangerous if they have the "gift of gab." A radio host who hides behind the moniker Mr. KABC has tried to inform people on the "bogus" California Power Crisis. It's no wonder that the ratings for KABC have fallen and KABC is no longer the leader of talk radio in Los Angeles. Mr. KABC "doesn't get" it and is either incompetent or a liar. On the KABC website Mr. KABC tries to [mis]inform his readers and listeners. The fact that this hasn't been fixed after two months is a disgrace.

By Mr. KABC - June 10, 2002

>>>"Snowpack 24% of normal. Summer generation relies on hydroelectric power from melted snow.">>>

Misinterpreting facts to make his point. How 24% below normal turns into 24% of normal is understandable only if you know that this man has an agenda.

>>> Fundamental problems not fixed. Specifically, the bidding system for power purchases by the Power Exchange which sets the price to be paid to all power sellers at the highest amount bid for that hour, even if some sellers would have sold power at a lower price.>>>

Power Exchange!?? The California Power Exchange went bankrupt shortly after the California Power Crisis erupted. The fact that this document is from 2000 and Mr. KABC is trying to make a point about the summer of 2002 is more evidence of his incompetence.

Terrorism works? No doubt... "Going Postal" has led to increased severence packages in many corporations. Don't kid yourself to believe that these corporations are showing compassion for the ex-employees. Riots in major cities serve a purpose and make leaders give in to fringe groups that claim to represent an entire class of people. Now, as Glenn Reynolds points out in Instapundit "...human rights groups and Euro-government types aren't willing to make as much noise about the practices of Arab countries." Why else would people cede to a society that

[1] Puts Restrictions on the free flow of information;

[2] Subjugates women;

[3] Has an inability to accept responsibility for individual or collective failure;

[4] The extended family or clan is the basic unit of social organization;

[5] Is dominated by a restrictive religion;

[6] Has a low valuation of education (other than the education of Jew hating); and

[7] Low prestige assigned to work

Amazing... things will get worse before they get better.